UE4 Archviz – Claudio Coello 108

We have developed a virtual tour video and static images for the Claudio Coello 108 Project. Claudio Coello is one of the most exclusive streets in Madrid Gilmar Inmobiliaria contacted us requesting  some architectural renderings and a walkthrough animation of the new renovated  building that they are developing in Claudio Coello 108. Since these are top of the line […]

UE4 ArchViz – Costa Brava 14

The real estate company Gilmar contacted us for the production of virtual video and photographs of their new luxury apartments in Mirasierra, Madrid. We also developed some novelty: 360 panoramas of the garden to support their selling pitch on the building site. This new housing development is located in very demanded area and will be known as CB14. It consists of a main building surrounded by […]

iOS Freelance Developer – FLIR Robotic Cameras

FLIR contracted me as freelance iOS developer.   FLIR is a leading “sixth sense” company building robotic and handheld cameras for the military and civil sectors, including thermal vision for aircraft, radiometry (true temperature measurement) for power stations or assembly line industries, national border surveillance, etc.       The FLIR team in Spain was originally […]

Tools Developer – Planet 51

After working at various video game companies, I landed a dream job at an emerging CG production studio in Madrid, called Ilion Animation Studios.     They were ramping up the hire of an army of technical staff (were 50 developers, artist, directors, admin and the such when I got in, up to 300 people a year later) […]