Associate Professor

I have had the pleasure to teach some amazing Master’s degree courses over the last five years at U-Tad (University of Technology and Digital Art). My courses introduce the students to the basics of video game programming and prototyping, so that they can go on their own to build amazing titles and land great jobs at this vibrant industry. Courses include:

Mathematics for Videogames, such as Numbers Representation, Linear Algebra, Computational Geometry, Curves and Integration Methods.

Unity 3D Programming, such as Scripting with C#, Gameobject-Component Architecture, Animation, Gameplay, Artificial Intelligence Navigation, UI, Shading and Optimization.

Unreal Engine 4 Programming, such as Scripting with C++ and Blueprints, Gameplay Framework, Character and Prop Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Materials and Lighting, UMG, etc.

In the past I taught (during three years):

Virtual Reality Application Development, including Stereoscopy, Render Pipeline with OpenGL and DirectX, Physics and Simulation, and Input Interfaces with Motion tracking via Augmented Reality.


Students range from out-of-school amateurs to Aeronautics Engineers, Physics and Mathematics graduates, Civil Engineers, and so on, now working in tech companies such as Rockstar Games or NextLimit Simulations.