iOS/Android Developer – Groupama TV

Optiva Media, my employer at the time, had an Insurance Company client (Groupama Seguros, later acquired by Plus Ultra Seguros) who needed a portal for their corporate videos and broadcasts.



They wanted the whole pipeline: imagine Vimeo or Youtube, a cloud server which processed videos and made them ready for viewing on demand in different qualities and formats over the web (from 3G to Wifi), and an iOS and Android frontend that played those videos that the cloud would serve.



But they also needed a continuous TV like channel including live broadcasting! (Note: We are talking year 2011 here, before mobile live technology was as pervasive as it is now).



Guillermo Gonzalez,  my entry boss at the time, set the foundation for the server with Ruby on Rails. Once he left the company at the project design phase,  I inherited and lead the project to its successful end in a timely manner.



I had to build both coordinate a group of three people and develop the key technologies. I built a Rails API for live streaming, and¡ FFMPEG+HTTP Live Streaming pipeline that ran on a Mac Mini at the CPD of the client for live and offline video processing. Our client then had a web interface to upload the videos. Once they were nice and tidy and chopped up properly, they were sent to a Windows Server that catered them over the web.



I also had to write, with the help of two very talented interns David Jiménez and Pablo Vicente an iOS application which connected to both Video on Demand and Live Streaming. As the project leader I had frequent followups with technical staff and directors at the client offices, as well as onsite installation and support procedures.

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